You want to make a shift in your work, but haven’t been able to make it happen, yet. 

Craig Mollins helps people to clarify what they really want with their work, inspires them to make the change, and supports them in the process of making it happen.

Hello again, I’m Craig, a coach, entrepreneur, and passionate proponent of the human capacity for betterment. I hail from Halifax, Nova Scotia, a small city on the east coast of Canada, and currently live in Mexico City. I’ve lived a bit of an adventurous life, made plenty of mistakes, experienced a good share of trauma, and have been perpetually pursuing learning, growth and depth. I’ve travelled the world, and am also an avid traveller of the inner spheres, of body, mind, heart, and spirit. 

Who is "My" True Self

I am a soldier of goodness, wounded, defeated, yet triumphant nevertheless, a flawed mad-scientist genius of the experiment of my own life. I am passionately pursuing my purpose, and patiently holding space for it to evolve and grow as it must. I love exploration, adventure, newness, and expansion. I am deeply caring, a seeker of authenticity, and right there with Neil Young in endlessly searching for a heart of pure gold. I’m tender, angry, and fiercely committed to letting go of “me and mine,” and being present and available for whatever is needed. I’m intense, but also light and easy. I value honesty, courage, vulnerability, justice, and direct, meaningful communication.

But more than any of that, when I’m actually paying attention, my true self is fresh and new and wide awake in each and every moment.

Credentials and Other Experience

My Commitments to You

I know, commitments are weird, right? So with these commitments, I add the caveat that even though I will do my best, there will be times when I fail. When I do, I’ll own up and make sure we’re good. Coaching is a relationship after all, and of course the foundation of any relationship is trust. 

That being said, here’s what I commit to in all my coaching relationships: 

Some of My Story

Big struggle started for me after a near drowning incident at age six. My first experience with “healing” was when I would come home after school and lay on my back for an hour of deep breathing, to calm the storm in my mind. From there the journey unfolded.

As a teenager I self-medicated with drugs and alcohol, kept myself occupied with street fighting and crime, and ran pretty wild for about five years. Then I got myself a motorcycle to put myself on a different path, and after a serious accident and two motorcycles later, I was on my way.

I found a social worker, who set me up with a Freudian psychiatrist named Dr. Moore. When my social worker told me about Dr. Moore he said, “Dr. Moore is crazy, and he can help you.” And help me he did. I can honestly say that Dr. Moore saved my life.

After a year or so of working with Dr. Moore, other kids in high school started coming up to me saying, “Dr. Moore said I should talk with you.“ It was the strangest thing, and I knew it was illegal for my psychiatrist to be breaking confidentiality, but I didn’t mind. For one thing it gave me a lot of self-esteem that Dr. Moore thought of me this way, so I did my best to share what I could with the other kids. 

I was expelled from grade 10 two years in a row, then in my third year I became an A student. After achieving the highest mark in the school in both math and physics, at graduation I was awarded the Prince Andrew Award for Exemplary Discipline and Perseverance. 

Somewhere along the way I took up the study of martial arts, which then led me to Buddhist meditation at age 18.

I studied Tibetan Buddhism in the lineage of the renowned master Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, who, in a formal vow ceremony gave me the Buddhist name, “Ocean of Peace.“ Given how “not peaceful” I experienced my existence to be, his name for me was a catalyst and an ongoing contemplation, inspiring my path forward.

After dropping out of University I lived at a Buddhist monastery for two and a half years, then worked in home construction for eight, and then trained in Structural Integration, which I practiced for 26 years. At some stage I developed my own body-work methodology and taught workshops for massage and physiotherapists throughout Canada and in Spain, for ten years.

At age 40 I returned to my home town of Halifax, Nova Scotia, where I went to university and completed a BA in English Literature, and at the same became involved with real estate investing. I purchased and sold two houses, made a nice profit, and was beginning the journey of building a real estate portfolio. But something inside me kept saying, “No, this isn’t your path, at least not at this moment,” and I decided instead to travel the word.

Meditation Training

Since beginning on the Buddhist path I’ve spent extensive time in retreat, meditation, and study. I’ve attended well over 100 training programs including over six months in the Colorado Rockies, numerous intensive solitary retreats of over 400 days in total, and many weekend programs at various urban meditation centers. Also in seven different trips to Asia I’ve spent a total of 11 months at two monasteries, in India and Nepal. In addition I’ve been a student of yoga for over 30 years, and continue to maintain a regular practice.

Bringing it all Together

I became a life coach to share some of what I’ve learned, and to take my journey further. The coaching method is genius and powerful, and I enjoy it more than I can say. What I appreciate most is the relationships with clients. Coaching creates a space of amazing honesty and care, and I’m in awe of how wonderful it is to share such depth with such amazing people. I look forward to sharing that with you, if you ever wish to have a call and explore some possibilities.


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